Recent Events
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The last two weeks have been trully eventful. Level IV students returned to college after a gruelling 8 weeks of elective term. Their colleagues in levels II and III were getting set for the first quarter CATS. All went on well except that invigilation was an ardous task for a few. There was a skeleton of staff present to carryout the onerous task. The frustration, the diappointment was palpable. Some of those that had promised personal attention did a disappearing act at the appoined hour. Phones were on but not answered. Calling back was perhaps a demeaning distraction to be avoided at any cost. It is now to be hoped that there will be renewed vigour during the new quarter. The dues for the first quarter have been processed and hopefully, the same reluctance towards work will be extended towards payment. Or what do you think?

On a more positive note, there has been tremendous goodwil towards the proposed welfare fund for mrmbers of the department. If the enthusiam shown this far is anything to go by, the future is trully bright.