Administration Structure
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The Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice is situated on the first floor of the main School of Pharmacy Building.

Name of Office                                                        Room No.

Prof Kokwaro                                                                  1

Dr Bururia                                                                       2

Prof K.A.M Kuria and Dr P.N. Karimi                                 3

The Chairman's office                                                       4

Departmental Office                                                          5

Ms Lilly Gathu (Principal Tech)                                          6

Dr P. Mbeo                                                                      7

Dr Shital Maru, Dr Lucy Tirop                                            8

and Dr S.Opanga

Dr D.S Karanja                                                                 9

Dr D.G. Nyamu and DR  L.E.M. Mwanagangi                    10

Dr N.N.Nyamweya and Dr G. Mugendi   (on 2nd Floor)       11

ICT Hub                                                                          12

Chemical and stationary stores                                        13

Besides the above offices the Department has the following laboratories for teaching and research actvities

1.  Pharmaceutics Laboratory: situated next to the ICT hub

2. Pharmacy Practice centre and Drug information unit (PPDIU) situated on ground floor next to KNH UoN Ethics Office.

3. Pharmaceutical Microbiology Laboratory situated on the ground floor.

4. Masters Lecture Room 1 : situated on first floor

5. Masters Lecture Room 2: Situated on first floor

6. Master seminar room : situated on second floor next to B.Pharm lecture III lecture hall.