Student Projects in Pharmaceutics and Pharmacy Practice

Academic Years
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Project NameStudent Name Academic YearProject Link
Determinants Of Adherence To Anticonvulsant Therapy Among Outpatient Epileptic Children Aged Two To Twelve Years At Kenyatta National Hospital Deogratius M Katabalo 2013/14 View Details
Impact Of Side Effects Of Antipsychotics On Attitudes And Adherence To Treatment Among Adult Pschiatric Outpatients At Mathari Hospital Kenya Edward Okinda Katayi 2013/14 View Details
Aetiology And Antimicrobial Susceptibility Of Bacteria That Cause Wound Sepsis In Paediatric Surgical Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Elamenya Linnet Kanaga 2013/14 View Details
Assessment Of The Utilization Of Magnesium Sulphate In The Management Of Pre-eclampsia And Eclampsia At Pumwani Maternity Hospital Faith Rachel Lularire 2013/14 View Details
Evaluation Of Preventive Strategies Towards Development Of Nephrotoxicity In Patients Receiving Cisplatin Based Regimens At Kenyatta National Hospital Geoffrey Odhiambo Mwai 2013/14 View Details
Adherence To The Principles Of Rational Use Of Medicines In Kenyatta National Hospital Huldah Nassali 2013/14 View Details
Assessment Of Hormonal Contraceptive Use Among Women At Kenyatta National Hospital Nancy Gakii Nkonge 2013/14 View Details
Effect Of Pesticide Exposure On Serum Cholinesterase Levels Among Asthmatic Children In Naivasha Wafula Caroline Nasambu 2013/14 View Details
Evaluation Of Risk Factors And Management Of Asthma Among Children In Naivasha District Hospital Wamalwa Cecilia Monica 2013/14 View Details
Assessment Of The Uptake Of Individualised Dispensing System At Kenyatta National Hospital Rugendo Alfred Birichi 2013/14 View Details
Disclosure Of Hiv/aids And Adherence To Haart Among Hiv Infected Children Jaquiline Ndinda Mwendwa View Details
Prevalence And Management Of Opportunistic Infections In Hiv-infected Children Mutua Susan Awino 2008 View Details
Prescription Patterns In Management Of Hypertension At Kenyatta National Hospitals Medical Outpatient Clinic Mwangi Kamau Robert 2008 View Details
Clinical Pharmacokinetics Of One Daily Iv Bolus Gentamicin In Paediatric Patients With Severe Pneumonia At The Kenyatta National Hospital Chege Irene Njeri 2008 View Details
Assessment Of Prevalence And Management Of Acute Organophosphate Poisoning At Kenyatta National Hospital And Selected Rural Hospitals In Central Province-kenya Stephen Kimathi Kaugu 2008 View Details
Disclosure Of Hiv/aids And Adherence To Haart Among Hiv Infected Children Jacquiline Ndinda Mwendwa 2008 View Details
An Audit Of The Impact Of A Clinical Pharmacist On Rational Drug Use At Kenyatta National Hospital Gitau Samuel Chege 2009 View Details
Predisposing Factors Of Rickets In Infants And Children Under Five Years Admitted At Knh Mwesigye John Patrick 2009 View Details
Efficacy And Tolerability Of Low Dose Stavudine In Hiv-infected Patients Attending A Referral Hospital In Kenya Karara Monicah Wanjiru 2009 View Details
Diagnostic And Therapeutic Approaches To Management Of Snakebites At A Public Health Facility In Kenya Mwangi Gladys Wangechi 2009 View Details
Assessment Of Physicians` And Nurses` Attitudes Towards Pharmacists As Collaborators In Medication Therapy Management At Kenyatta National Hospital Wachira N.t 2009 View Details
An Assessment Of Knowledge And Comprehension Of Asthma Therapy Among Quardians Of Asthmatic Children At Knh Paediatric Asthma Clinic Siminyu Emily Anyango 2009 View Details
Therapeutic Management Of Breast Cancer Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Weru Irine Waithira 2009 View Details
Prescribing Patterns And Availability Of Artemisinin Based Combination Therapy Antimalarials Compared To Monotheraphy In Kirinyaga District,central Province,kenya Kahiga Titus Muhu 2009 View Details
Risk Factors And Treatment Patterns Of Ventilator Associated Pneumonia In Intensive Care Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Kinuthia Rosaline Njoki 2009 View Details
A Review Of The Pattern Of Pharmacological Mamagement Of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus In Kenyatta National Hospital For The Period -april 2005 To April 2009 Kimuhu Lilly Njeri 2009 View Details
Comparative Tolerability And Efficacy Of Zidovudine Versus Low Dose Stavudine Based Haart In Urban Kenya Ogola Beatrice Adhiambo 2010 View Details
Adequacy Of Monitoring Of Intravenous Fluids In Elderly Patients In Kenyatta National Hospital Kenyatta Gloria Kavutha 2010 View Details
A Survey Of Drug Use In Pregnancy At The Kenyatta National Hospital Maurice Onditi Kodhiambo 2010 View Details
Efavirenz Levels And Treatment Outcomes In Kenyan Hiv-tb Co-infected Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Jarred Okoyo Nyakiba 2010 View Details
Patterns Of Antimicrobial Prophylaxis In Orthopaedic Surgery In Kenyatta National Hospital Sylvia Opanga 2010 View Details
Determinants Of Adherence To Anti-tuberculosis Treatment Among Paediatric Patients In Urban Kenya Marion Nyamokami Ong`ayo 2010 View Details
A Survey Of Extent Of Venous Thomboembolism Prophylaxis Among Medical In –patients In Kenyatta National Hospital Makokha Linus Wafula 2010 View Details
Clinicians Knowledge,prescribing Patterns,toxicity And Efficacy Of Amphotericin B In Hiv Positive Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Anish Omondi Okeyo 2010 View Details
Etiology,risk Factors And Management Of Infectious Diarrhoea In Children At Kenyatta National Hospital Peter Ndirangu Karimi 2010 View Details
Patterns Of Antibiotic Use And Dose Adjustement In Chronic Kidney Disease Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Mary Atieno Onyango 2011 View Details
Prevalence And Management Of Opportunistic Infections In Hiv-infected Adult Patients At Kenyatta National Hospital Francis Marcello Malwal 2011 View Details
A Comparative Study Of The Renal Safety Of Tenofovir And Stavudine In Kenyatta National Hospital Linus Atisa Masese 2011 View Details
Patterns Of Thromboprophylaxis Among Orthopaedic Surgery Patients At Kenyatta Natinoal Hospital Kenya Ramadhani Hamisi Lukuta 2011 View Details
Factors Influencing Adherence To Antiretoviral Therapy Among Hiv Infected And Hiv Exposed Children At Naivasha District Hospital Simon W.wangia 2012 View Details
Health Provider Barriers In The Implementation Of Prevention Of Mother –to –child Transmission Of Hiv Guidelines In Naivasha District Nellius Nyambura Njau 2012 View Details
Determinants Of Breast Cancer Treatment Outcomes At Kenyatta National Hospital David Etale Wata 2012 View Details
A Ten Year Retrospective Study On Therapeutic Management And Clinical Outcomes Of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Among Children At Kenyatta National Hospital,kenya Bob Nyaribari Agwata 2012 View Details
Comparative Study Of Antimicrobial Use In Hiv Infected/exposed And Non Infected Children At Naivasha District Hospital,kenya Nguri Josephine Wambui 2012 View Details
Chlorproguanil/dapsone-an Alternative Antimalarial Combination.(in –vitro-chemosensitivity,molecular Basis Of Resistance And Roots Of Resistance) Mberu Edward G.kamau 1998 View Details